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Know Before You Go!

Everything You Need To



You can choose to be sprayed however you would like. Full bikini/under garments, topless, fully nude. Come with bare skin, no makeup, lotion, oil, deodorant or perfume.


You need to bring something LOOSE preferably black to put on after the tan. DO NOT PUT YOUR BRA BACK ON AFTER A TAN (the tan will wash out of clothing/sheets though).


Bring loose shoes (even when it’s cold), loose slippers are fine, or flip flops.


Exfoliate thoroughly 24 hours before appointment for best tanning results. Shave anything you would normally shave. Waxing, manicures, and pedicures should also be done at least 24 hours prior. 


Avoid any water contact or perspiration for 12-24 hours, ideally. (Which is why I prefer to spray in the evening and shower the following morning.) 


Wait to shower 12-24 hours after application. Preferably the next morning. The longer you let it set, the longer it will last. The first shower should be more of a rinse. Soap the “necessities” but no other scrubbing and pat dry. 


You will want to keep your skin hydrated. I will carry an excellent hydrating tan extender, which is what I recommend. But if you choose something else, an organic lotion or oil is best so the chemicals don’t break down the tan.


I also stock a wonderful primer. It’s a complete game changer -- made specifically for sunless tans. Apply it at home before you head to your appointment. The solar peptides will energize dull skin and balance your ph levels which will prep and hydrate the skin. Makes your skin receive and absorb the tan better and maintain it longer.


Pregnant or nursing? You go momma! As I always say, absolutely consult your doctor first. But I was sprayed all through my pregnancies as well as the breastfeeding phases. This solution is one of the most natural organic kinds out there. 


I know life happens. But after your second cancellation or no-show you will be required to prepay for your appointment slot and it will be non-refundable.

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