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The name "BB" comes from my daughter and son's names, because they have changed my life in the most beautiful way.



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Meet Devon



An unexpected outcome at the dermatologist changed my life.

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about me

I was born and raised in Parker County and moved to the west side of town in Brock, Texas in 2016. My husband and I have been married since 2009. I am a mom to two beautiful kiddos: my spunky, spitfire "almost" ten year old girl and the sweetest little seven year old momma's boy.
I spent a lot of time in my youth laying out and in tanning beds, as many Texans do. But when I became pregnant with my daughter and was no longer able to tan in a bed (and I’m so thankful I had a reason to stop otherwise I may never have), I fell in love with spray tanning. And then I began perfecting the process -- seeking out the best solutions and equipment to achieve the safest, longest lasting, most natural tan
Fast forward to January of 2018, when I was shocked to find out I had pre-cancerous cells covering my entire face. I was forced to do two weeks of a topical Chemo because the damage was so widespread that they were not able to be treated any other way. It was a horrific and scary experience. I had not been in a tanning bed in almost seven years and thought by this time I was “in the clear.” But the big "C-word" became my reality if I didn't take action.  This was completely preventable, but because of a lack of knowledge, I was accelerating my skin's aging process and leaving myself vulnerable to potential surgeries, or worse. I wish I could go back a shake my younger self and explain that it is just not worth it for vanity's sake.

Since then, it has become my passion to offer a much better alternative at the most affordable price -- whatever it takes to keep as many ladies out of the sun and out of tanning beds as possible

I absolutely love meeting new clients and developing friendships with so many of my regulars. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to support my family doing what I love. God has used a terrible experience in my life and turned it around for good. The way this business has grown is completely because of Him and He deserves all the glory!


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